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How To Appear On Google Search And Tips For The Same?

How To Appear On Google Search And Tips For The Same?

What is the ultimate dream that every online website owner sees for his/her website? If you have been in the business for a long time then you would know the answer to that. To appear on Google search is one of the biggest dreams that online website owners have.

That too, on the first page because let’s face it, people that we all don’t even bother checking the websites that come on the second page of the Google search.

But how can you achieve that goal for yourself?

That is what we are going to discuss today. If you want to appear on Google search and that too on the first page, then read ahead to find out how.

It has been found out in many types of research and also it has been noticed quite often that people normally do not move onto the second page of Google when they search for anything. It is only when they are in search of something very desperately when they go to the second page.

So, this means if you wish your website to be online, there is no chance that you will wish to have your site on the second page. As per the SEO tactics, it is very much important that you have the ranking of at least the first page on the Google search.

Let us now understand how Google Works, as this will help you understand the process through which sites appear on Google Search.

How Google Searching Works?

The main thing you ought to acknowledge about Google is that Google isn’t the actual web world or the internet but it is just a search engine. This will lead you to the that if your site does not appear on Google then that does not mean it isn’t functioning on the web. Your site can be distributed live on the web without being shown in Google search for a specific keyword.

Now, let us understand how the working of Google occurs.

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Actually, Google has computerized PC frameworks working nonstop that arbitrarily visit sites everywhere on the web, take previews of each page and then record them in the huge database.

As a feature of taking a preview of each site page, the working framework of Google peruses each word and other substance on a site page such as photographs, recordings, audios, and so forth, so as to decide the particular subject of the page.

In addition, Google also utilizes this gathered information to figure out which website pages to appear, their order, etc. for specific keywords typed in the search bar. At the end of the day, Google’s algorithms will figure out which page on the internet is the most important for a particular keyword and showcases it first. It at that point shows the second most applicable page, and then the cycle continues.Next thing that you need to understand here is how you can get your site on Google, as this will be the primary steps of letting your site appear on Google Search. So, let us delve into that as well-

How can you get your site on Google?

To know how to appear good on the Google search, the very first thing to know is about why you are not ranking well.

The only reason that is the most serious one is that you are not an expert. You need to understand that there are some of the set SEO guidelines that one needs to know. The various high profile domains that are ruling the search engine follow the SEO guide that is been there since ages.

What do you need to appear on Google Search?

1) The Keywords

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You need to understand the concept of keywords very carefully. Try to go for the long tail keywords quite often. These keywords are known to have much higher conversions as per the SEO guides.

It is said that Amazon earns about 57% of the conversion from these long tail keywords itself. Hence, these are a great option to get you some serious ranking business in the search engines.

2) Mastering The Art Of Keywords

If you are a long time player in the world of the web, then you probably have heard about the keywords that everyone is so fascinated about. When it comes to appearing on Google, these keywords have a lot to do.

This is one of the main reasons why the keywords tend to be one of the most popular factors on Google. You need to invest your time and effort in deciding the right keywords that will help Google find your website in a better way.

3) The Adwords

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For the AdWords, you need to pay. But this is a great trick to get highly visible on the search engines. It is said in fact that they offer you traffic much higher than the organic ones.

4) Blog Posts

Today, content marketing is about 62% successful and cost-effective. This is the reason a maximum number of individuals are more into content for their websites.

You need to write more blog posts than your competitors so that you can get more attention and hence your ranking can get much improved.

5) Get Reviewed

Is your website something that is selling out a product or a service? You should definitely turn out to the review sites. The third party review sites are a great way to offer you a good amount of traffic.

People who are reading the reviews of other customers will wish to check out your site once or the while for sure and this will increase your traffic.

Today, when the competition is so much cut throat, it is quite difficult to reach out to the first ranking of the search engines. But it is again not difficult either. You need to know the strategies and the right tactics and most importantly, you should know the basic SEO guidelines that the hunks are following since ages.

Just following some of these important tricks can surely help you in reaching out to the right position on the search engine.

In addition to all these hacks, there are some other tips that will for sure help you to appear on Google Search in the most effective and sustainable manner possible. So, let us have a look at those as well-

Tips to help you appear on Google search

1) Create A Website And Submit It to Google

There is no doubt about the fact that Google always pays attention to every single website that is on the Internet. So, your website will eventually appear on the sites for sure. However, you can easily speed up the process if you follow some important procedures.

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You need to make sure that you let Google know about your website. Giving a heads-up to the omniscient Google doesn’t hurt, right? Send the site of your map on Google and you will see some immediate results for sure. Google Search Console is the best tool for that. Use it and you will have all the results that you want.

2) Provide Some Meaningful Links

Just having your sitemap on Google Search Console is not really going to be enough for the process. You also need to make some additional efforts. Placing some of the important links that you have on the Google web will be a great idea for sure.

The bots that will reach the hyperlinks of your website will be commanded to go to your website directly. Make some friends on the web and ask them to post your links on the posts that they make. This is certainly one of the best ways to appear on Google search. You will see the results for sure.

3) Meta Tags Are Important

Appear on Google Search - 7

Shout all you want at Google to choose your website, but how do you get Google to actually notice that you are there? Well, there is a signal in the form of meta-tags that will help you get the SERP love that you want. These meta tags will make sure that you are present in the search list of Google.

You might have seen the description in blue that appears below the websites on Google search. That is exactly what we are talking about in here. Having great meta-tags will ensure that you get the attention of Google in the best way possible.

4) Mobile Optimization Is The Key

Did you know that most of the people who see these websites are mobile users? This is something that can be very important if you are trying to come first in the Google search results.

Having a mobile-optimized website would mean that Google will be able to notify mobile users about your website when they search for something. If you want to appear on Google search, this is something that you definitely have to do.

List of best Organic Tricks to appear on Google Search

  • Quality of Your Page Content
  • Length of your Page Content
  • Quality of Inbound Links
  • Number of Inbound Links
  • Mobile Friendliness of your Website
  • Page Speed through which your page loads
  • SEO Compatible use of Keywords in Page Content
  • Authority of Domain Name
  • Secure Pages and URL Structure
  • Use of Google My Business
  • Begin a Blog and make it value worthy and SEO compatible
  • Get a Few Quality Links
  • Make Citations

In conclusion

If you are considering making your website appear on Google search, we hope that these few tips point you exactly in the right direction. If you follow these tips that we have for you, then you will definitely be able to make sure that your website comes under the top searches made on Google.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to it right now.

Want us to guide you about the best strategy that can help your brand appear on Google Search? Then share your details with us and we will be letting you implement the right strategy to appear on Google Search.

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