Please note that this support is limited only to Almjadaouie Logistics Company customers
Before submitting the ticket

1. Try to deactivate all plugins(except mlcGO plugin) and see if the problem is resolved or not

2. Make sure that you are running the latest version of your e-Commerce platform

After submitting the ticket

– Normally, we will get back to customers in 8 hours on a regular business day.
– The older tickets will be the first priority. So after you create the ticket, if possible, please do not reply to the ticket if our team hasn’t replied to you yet because it will update your ticket response date sooner and the priority will be lower. This might cause a delay in replying

Looking for any plugin installation and configuration service?

Please note that installation and configuration work is not included in our scope. However, we can do it for you.  Simply email us  support@dotrope.com  with your requirements or request installation now by clicking on this link